3 Ways to Prepare Yourself for Performance Day

For every dancer, there's nothing quite like performance day. You’re nervous. You’re excited. You don't want to let the corps de ballet or your competition team down by forgetting the steps or that last minute formation change. Plus, you want to do your best and stand out amongst the group. Until the curtain goes up, the pressure can feel overwhelming. But, don't fret. The best way to feel confident is to be prepared.

1. The Night Before

On the eve of an anticipated performance, even a principal dancer can feel stressed. What's important is how you channel the nerves and prime your body–and mind–for success before the curtain call. The day before will most likely include class and last minute rehearsals. Make sure you stay hydrated. Try to have a light dinner and go to bed early, if you're able to. You want to be fresh and ready for the stage.

2. Double-Check Your Dance Bag

Did you pack every piece of your costumes? The right dance shoes? Tights? Show day will cause anxiety to surface, for most, but being organized will calm these nerves. Remember to load your bag with the essentials - dancewear, hair pins, dance tights, makeup, a sewing kit, snacks, etc. Before you leave for the theater, double-check that you've packed everything you'll need–possibly two of everything–for that unforeseen snag.

3. A Proper Warm-Up

On the day of, before you have a run-through or rehearsal on stage, make sure you've properly stretched. Keep your muscles warm with leg warmers, warm up booties, or a neck warmer. The venue might have the air-conditioning cranked up high and the extra layers will help your body to stay loose and warm.

Enjoy the Moment

It started at your very first dance class. Since finding the perfect leotard, the best-fitting jazz shoe, or your favorite ballet skirt that made you feel like a real ballerina. Your discipline and passion have all led you here. Don't underestimate your readiness. Take a deep breath and enjoy all your hard work. You've got this!

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