1. Men's Ballet Shoes

    Hand-made in high quality leather, satin or canvas.

Made for budding beginners to professional dancers, Bloch men's ballet shoes are fabricated from canvas and are split sole, beautifully made by hand and designed to facilitate a perfect leg line. As with all our ballet shoes, our men's ballet footwear uses a traditional stitching process to ensure the shoe hugs the foot arch when pointing. The suede sole creates a sense of security when spinning, sliding and turning. Our ballet shoes are also strong enough to withstand demanding ballet and dance routines in class and on stage and provide optimal feedback from the floor through the feet. Bloch has created a reputation for high-quality ballet shoes since it opened its doors in 1932, and our men's ballet shoes deliver the same supreme quality as all our dance products. For any help or advice on any aspect of ballet shoes for men, please contact us and we will be able to advise you personally.