1. Men's Dance Trainers

    Full-sole & split-sole dance trainers for men.

Bloch men's dance trainers for demanding dance routines when practising or performing on stage. Unlike other fashion trainers, our men's dance trainers are designed to avoid injury when dancing. All our men's trainers include lightweight multi-layered soles that provide bounce and absorb shock. The high-tech materials used and patented designs offer optimal support and flexibility. All our dance trainers have high-density spin spots to deliver movement without restriction, especially during spinning and sliding. Added to this this, pads around the spin spot give further balance and control. The outer side of the sole acts as a brake when sliding and the trainer grip offers stability in neutral positions and when making faster foot movements. Streamlined uppers provide a dynamic fit, holding the feet securely during movement and the trainers include a reinforced toe area for foot work. Breathable mesh keep men's feet cool! For further information about our men's dance trainers, please contact us and we will provide detailed guidance.