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Space Enhancer
Colour: Nude
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The Bloch Space Enhancer pack includes 2 Toe Spacers and 2 Toe Separators. A combination of two of our very popular foot accessories can be placed between any two toes to alleviate pressure and minimize irritation caused by toenails and corns.


  • May be dusted with talcum powder after drying if you choose
  • Toe Spacers:
  • Place between the first two toes to align the big toe joint
  • Aids in the treatment and prevention of bunions
  • Alleviates pressure and reduces inflammation of the big toe joint
  • Toe Separators:
  • Place between any two toes to help prevent nails from cutting into adjacent toes and/or take pressure off soft corns
  • Can be worn comfortably with all types of shoes
  • Minimizes irritation caused by compression


  • 100% Mineral Oil Based Gel
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