BLOCH L9812 Women's Dance Leotards

Women's Dance Leotards bloch


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Colour: African
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Colour: African
EU Size: EU 34-36 / BLOCH P
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This edgy tank style leotard is crafted with a high neck for a clean and simplistic look that can be worn across a wide range of dance styles. Zip back features soft and stretchy check mesh inserts to create a fierce style that is sure to stand out in the studio and on stage. This eye-catching design draws the line of the eye to the most narrow part of the waist, elongating the line of the bodice and accentuating a sleek silhouette. Check mesh back panels wrap around the side body. A check mesh front yoke and sweetheart bodice complete the look. Pair with a short or skirt for a complete outfit or wear confidently on it's own for a bold look.


  • High front and back neckline
  • Zipper back
  • Check mesh back inserts and front yoke
  • Cap sleeves
  • Sweetheart bodice
  • Front lining
  • Moderate leg line


  • Machine wash cold, lay flat to dry.
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