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Demi Pointe
Colour: Pink
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Colour: Pink
Width: A
Size: EU 34 / BLOCH 1
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The Demi Pointe shoe helps to build strength in the ballet dancer preparing for pointe work, by providing resistance to the foot when pointing.


  • A curved box shaped like a full ballet pointe shoe but slightly softer and not intended to support the dancer en pointe
  • The generous internal space of the box area allows the foot to be inserted deeply into the shoe
  • The resistance of the leather sole ensures that maximum strength is gained from working in the Demi Pointe


  • Satin Upper, Leather Outsole


  • Ribbons are sold separately.

Pointe shoes should fit perfectly and never leave room for growth, so in order to ensure they support feet precisely and comfortably, we recommend getting fitted by our professional fitters before you buy a new pair of pointe shoes. Unfortunately we cannot provide refunds for pointe shoes that have broken as a result of not being fitted prior to purchasing.

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