BLOCH S0925 Women's Dance Sneakers

Women's Dance Sneakers bloch


Colour: Pink
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Colour: Pink
Width: M
EU Size: EU 36 / BLOCH 6
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A high performance full sole sneaker is designed with optimal performance in dance and gym activities.


  • A multi-layered sole provides more of the necessary foot support and shock absorption then in a traditional EVA sole
  • The combination of high tech materials surrounding the spin spot have been designed to provide the perfect amount of slip vs grip on all floor surfaces.
  • The outer side of the sole acts as a brake and the improved, high density spin spot assists in free movement related to spinning and sliding.
  • The streamlined upper provides a dynamic fit that holds the foot securely during fast movements.
  • The mesh upper with traditional lace up closure and padded tongue ensures an extremely lightweight and flexible feel in a full sole shoe


  • Leather, Mesh

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