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5 essentials to pack in your BLOCH dance bag

5 essentials to pack in your BLOCH dance bag

When it comes to assembling the ultimate dance kit, what's equally as important as the perfect-fitting leotard, ballet shoes or jazz pants, is a well-packed dance bag full of those extra essentials. From school to the studio and everywhere in between, your bag basically becomes an extension of you — so it's important to pack it right.

While how your bag looks and feels are most definitely things to consider, it's what you pack inside that can really make or break a day of dancing. Here are five BLOCH necessities we recommend keeping in your dance bag at all times, so you're always prepared for whatever happens in class or rehearsal.

1. Hair accessories

How many times has your hairband snapped mid-class? Probably more times than you can count, right? Loose hairs escaping and distracting you while working on your pirouettes is no fun at all, so having a BLOCH Hair Kit and travel sized bottle of hairspray or gel on hand to alleviate those hair emergencies is ideal. Plus, there is no such thing as too many bobby pins, so stockpile as many sets as you can to make sure you're always prepared.
BLOCH Hair Kit


2. Body fuel

Healthy snacks can be hard to come by if you're frequently on the move, so be sure to keep some nutritious food choices in your dance bag to help keep hunger pangs at bay. A protein bar, some dried fruit or a pack of tasty trail mix are all foodie picks loaded with energy and protein, making them perfect on-the-go options. An added bonus is that these snacks won’t perish overnight so can be kept in your bag for a week or two if you forget about them. 

3. Stretching accoutrement

Just as your body needs to remain energised and hydrated to perform at it's best, maintaining happy, supple muscles is also key to peak dancer health. To tackle an unannounced bout of metatarsal cramp, make sure you always have the BLOCH Foot Roller or Resistance Band in your dance bag — these hero accessories will halt any pain in its tracks.

What's more, these essentials double up as the perfect tools for building foot strength too. Whether you're hopping between classes during a packed day or travelling to and from the studio, carry them with you and you'll always be able to squeeze in some important warm-up prep.
BLOCH Resistance Band

4. First aid

Your hard work training as a dancer will inevitably produce some blood, sweat and tears at some point, so keeping a first aid kit with you is a must. A pesky blister from hours en pointe or a scrape on your knee from an intense floor work combo are highly likely, but no need to worry because those bandages tucked away in your dance bag will keep you safe and comfortable. 

5. Spare dance outfit

Tights rip, shoes break and the studio’s temperature could change at any moment, so having an extra stash of dance clothes (including a few spare pairs of tights!) in your bag will come in handy. As you become more experienced, investing in an extra pair of pointe shoes or screws for your tap shoes will also be beneficial for those unforeseen mishaps.

BLOCH Tights

Need to top up on essentials in your dance kit? Shop the full BLOCH dancewear range now for everything you'll need. 

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