The information on this page explains what "cookies" are and how and why we use them.

What is a Cookie?

A cookie is a small piece of data sent from a website and stored on a visitor’s device (like a computer or tablet) by the web browser the visitor is using to access the website. Cookies are designed to provide websites with a reliable way to remember "stateful" activities like preceding events and user interactions (such as items added to a shopping cart or previous products viewed).

What Types of Cookies Does BLOCH Use?

There are four main types of “cookies” we use when you visit our site.

Site Functionality Cookies - Site functionality cookies enable you to navigate our site and use features such as "Add to Basket" on our product pages.

Site Analytics Cookies - Analytics cookies help us to measure and analyse how visitors use our site, so we can make informed decisions about the best way to streamline the functionality of it to improve the shopping experience for all our visitors.

Customer Preference Cookies - When you are visiting the BLOCH website, customer preference cookies remember how you prefer to use our site to make your experience personal to you. This type of cookie remembers previous preferences you have stated, such as language and country location, to take you seamlessly to the most relevant content to you.

Targeting and Advertising Cookies (3rd Party Cookies) - These cookies are used to help us and our partners deliver online advertising that is relevant to you. Targeting and advertising cookies enable us to limit the number of times you see our advertising while you are browsing online and help us to better understand the effectiveness of our online marketing campaigns.

For example:

Rakuten Advertising (rmuid)
Google Advertising 

Can You Remove Cookies from Your Computer?

If you wish to remove cookies from your computer, you can do so at any time. Check the "help" section of your browser, where you should be able to find simple instructions on how to locate any file or directory that stores cookies.

You can also configure your browser to disable cookies so they are not stored on your computer. However, please note that deleting or disabling cookies may affect the quality of your experience on any website, and you might also be unable to take advantage of certain functions on the BLOCH website.

If you do not have cookies disabled in your browser preferences, when using the BLOCH website you are permitting us to place these types of cookies on your device and accessing them when you visit us in the future.