Which Warm Up Bootie are you?

Which Warm Up Bootie are you?

Which Warm Up Bootie are you?

Dress for the cold without compromising on style in our Warm Up Bootie. But which shade of pink is perfect for you? Read on to find out!

We’re all familiar with that feeling of entering the studio during winter when the floor that meets your feet is ice cold, right?  As the cooler months draw in, there’s no denying the chill of winter, so in order to fight the frost and keep muscles warm, investing in effective warm up essentials is a no-brainer. Enter: our Warm Up Booties!

Keep feet warm and protected in the studio and class in our bestselling Warm Up Bootie, a soft and comfortable must-have which can even be worn over your dance shoes. Available in a range of colours and styles, the stunning hues we’re currently coveting are PurpleFluorescent Pink and Candy Pink. But which is perfect for you? Find out below!

Picture-perfect purple

Purple is the shade for you if...

... you’re fashion-conscious and always interested in what’s trending. You love nothing more than reading a good book or scrolling through Instagram to keep up with what your favourite vloggers and celebrities are posting. You’re a Youtube addict and love watching new clips for hair and outfit inspiration – which you’re not afraid to recreate. You’re a creative thinker with an imaginative streak, and it’s this quality which makes you such a great dancer!

BLOCH Warm Up Bootie in Purple

Fluorescent pink

Fluorecent pink is perfect for you if...

... you love to make a statement with your apparel. No shrinking violet, you’re fun loving, vibrant and vivacious – and your friends and classmates love you for it! Happiest in the spotlight, you love experimenting with your beauty looks and style and are not afraid to give new trends a try. The same goes in the ballet classroom too – you’re never afraid to tackle difficult steps and push yourself to your limits, and this will put you in good stead for your future in dance.

BLOCH Warm Up Bootie in Fluorescent Pink

Candy Pink

You should pick Candy Pink if...

... you’re calm, sensible and like to follow tradition. Colour coordination is your thing! You love to match your skirt, tights, outerwear and accessories to your leotard, and this never fails to impress your classmates. You always look immaculate for class, styling your hair to perfection. You take time and care to get things right and always put 100% into everything you do ⁠— particularly when it comes to your dance craft. Learning new steps doesn’t faze you, but your inner perfectionist likes to ensure each one is flawless before progressing to the next, making you a pro when it comes to performance!

BLOCH Warm Up Bootie in Candy Pink

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